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LWBLA Updated Members Briefing | Apprenticeship Levy

Victor Farlie, Executive Chair LWBLA

What is the new Apprenticeship Levy & how significant will it become?

  • The new apprentice Levy is a mandatory tax on all UK businesses based on a percentage of the total payroll including all payments such as salary and bonuses. 
  • The Levy will be administered by HMRC. 
  • The Levy is expected to raise close to £3bn. annually starting in April 2017.
  • The system has not yet been commissioned or built but is expected to be operational in just 16 months.
  • For the individual employer if the payroll is under £3m. there is no charge. 
  • Employers divide in two camps; either as a levy payer representing 2% of UK businesses or not: the remaining 98%. 
  • If you are Tesco this could hit £40m. annually before a penny of profit has been earned. 
  • All public services are included and will additionally have volume targets set by Government. 
  • The Government...
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Government Autumn Statement news | Apprenticeship highlights

Victor Farlie, Executive Chair LWBLA

I hope you have the opportunity to see the detail contained in the Governments Comprehensive Spending review published today. It is very significant for the future of Apprenticeships and the post-16 education skills sector particularly in England. The key headline is the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy which has been the number one issue under consultation for providers. Two points stand out: one that all employers with a payroll in excess of £3m annually will pay the levy - not just the large headcount employers so many more employers are caught by what is essentially a tax on employment, and secondly that the overall budget appears to double what is currently committed by Government. The Government also appears to have retained the same amount of tax payers cash so this creates a massive growth in funding never seen before. Two big questions stand out form this: what will be the relationship between public and private levy cash, and is the trailblazer funding methodology...

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LWBLA Public Policy Discussion Paper August 2015 Apprenticeship Reform: Funding & Trailblazer Standards

Victor Farlie, LWBLA Executive Chair

LWBLA Public Policy Discussion Paper
August 2015

Apprenticeship Reform: Funding & Trailblazer Standards

This paper is designed to give an overview of the Apprenticeship reform process focusing on national policy, the proposed new business levy, and the switch from frameworks to standards via the ‘trailblazer’ process.

The LWBLA anticipates the Government publishing a major consultation paper on apprenticeship reform in late August/early September.

The LWBLA’s objective is to ensure that providers are prepared for the potential changes that lie ahead able to strategically plan for the future. Our headline approach for members can be summed up as: ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

The LWBLA strategy is driven by a process of engagement and consultation comprised of the following activity: awareness raising, networking & building expertise within the sector, defining...

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LWBLA Outstanding Teaching Learning & Assessment Brainstorm


Dear Member,

Good news!

The LWBLA is part of sector wide consortia led by the AOC that has successfully won ETF funds to support providers in London. The overall aim of the project is to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment of the London education and training sector through the use of collaborative working.

If your organisation is subject to Ofsted inspections and/or has an interest in developing good practice this may be of direct benefit to you. The ETF is particularly interested in all aspects of professional development.

The LWBLA supports bids that enable providers to directly benefit with cash and expertise. No match funding is required.

The LWBLA will support providers and work with you to get the most out of this opportunity.

The project will focus on the following aspects of post-16 education:

• 16-19 study programmes
• Literacy & English
• Apprenticeships (including higher...

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