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LWBLA Policies & Policy Responses

LWBLA respond to Government Consultations after discussion with our membership to garner views and opinion.

LWBLA published a Prospectus on Apprenticeships last year, and will be refreshing this document shortly. LWBLA will begin to release a series of Policy Notes shortly to inform on key issues in the sector.

Keep an eye on the LWBLA Blog for further details and comment from Victor Farlie, Executive Chair.

LWBLA SFA Funding letter briefing

19th March 2017

This briefing provides information on the implications of the recently published SFA Funding Letter. Download Briefing

LWBLA Briefing on Apprenticeship Reform

5th January 2017

This briefing provides outline information on apprenticeship reform, the levy and its implementation. Download Briefing

LWBLA Briefing: The Autumn Statement affect on the Apprenticeship Levy

1 December 2016

We have produced a briefing about the affect of the Autumn Statement on the Apprenticeship Levy as we get closer to its implementation. The briefing was prepared by Mark Corney. Download Briefing

LWBLA Briefing: Apprenticeship Levy Payers Update

17 November 2016

The Treasury has published estimates of share by nation of UK based on estimates of what levy will raise as at Budget 2016. The August FOI gives a figure of £2675m. So The above states: Scotland = £221m; Wales = £128m; Northern Ireland = £76m. This leaves £2250m for England. This about the share of England over UK population. So levy in England will generate an extra of £450m in 17/18.

This is subject to revisions of what levy will raise subject to OBR's new forecast for GDP, employment and nominal wages which will impact on pay bills and levy revenue.

Update provided by Mark Corney. To see the HM Treasury Release visit:

The briefing, published in our last newsletter, researched by Mark Corney of MC Consultancy, provides a range of information about those organisations who will pay the Apprenticeship Levy. This is useful reading for LWBLA members - Download document

LWBLA Response to the August 2016 Apprenticeship Levy Policy Guidance Update

September 2016

Briefing by LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie. Download Briefing

The Provider Perspective: How will the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy from April 2017 impact on the Apprenticeship Training Provider?

March 2016

Briefing by LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie. Download Briefing

LWBLA Member Briefing: Looking ahead to 2020: What will the introduction of a Levy mean for the future of apprenticeship delivery?

November 2015

Updated briefing on the Apprenticeship Levy by LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie. LWBLA Updated Member Briefing.

October 2015

Please find below a briefing on the Apprenticeship Levy by LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie. Also available to download are the consultation response from LWBLA, and the survey results from LWBLA members.


LWBLA Area Wide Review Briefing

17th November 2015

Please find our updated briefing paper on the Area Wide Review process for London - attached. LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie, attended the London seminar hosted by the GLA and AoC which raised key questions on politics and process.

If you are a subcontractor to a college or adult education provider or use the Adult Skills Budget for non apprenticeship delivery you are directly affected by this.

The LWBLA will be maintaining a close interest in this issue and updating members at the Regional Adult Skills meeting hosted at the LWBLA, (next meeting to be confirmed).

The first review is anticipated to be in West London from February 2016 onwards.

Please also find the link to the London LEP Area Reviews briefing here: London Area Review Briefing Event Presentation | LEP London

LWBLA Briefing note regarding the Ofsted Report on Apprenticeships

October 2015

The LWBLA has undertaken an analysis of the London picture regarding the quality of apprenticeships and it reveals two key findings:

  1. Over the past 5 years there has been marked and substantial improvements to the quality of Independent providers delivering apprenticeships in London. Ofsted inspections published since August 2010 reveal 71% of all independent providers to be outstanding or good. This is a significant improvement from 2010 where good and outstanding providers were below 50%.
  2. The volume of apprentices has doubled in London since 2010 and success rate of 16-18 year olds has reached over 70%: just above the 2015 school A-C grade GCSE results. London’s schools on average are the highest performing with the best Ofsted grades in England.

In summary what this tells us is that although there are areas for improvement, London's independent providers successfully deliver on both quality and quantity. Please see the briefing paper for all members.

Skills Devolution & 16-18 Area Reviews

October 2015

Please find the LWBLA Briefing on the Skills Devolution & 16-18 Area Reviews by Executive Chair Victor Farlie: Download Briefing

The e-survey link mentioned within the briefing is here: - please complete by Wednesday 21st October 2015.

For reference, please also find attached the GLA/London LEP/London Councils Area Review Briefing note, and the London LEP Area Reviews presentations, which was given at the recent LWBLA Adult Skills Forum.

LWBLA Public Policy Discussion Paper:
Apprenticeship Reform: Funding & Trailblazer Standards

August 2015

This paper is designed to give an overview of the Apprenticeship reform process focusing on national policy, the proposed new business levy, and the switch from frameworks to standards via the ‘trailblazer’ process.

Download Discussion Paper

LWBLA Policy Update Meetings

New Government and Skills policy & funding
Tuesday 9 June 2015
1pm - 4pm
London Councils Offices

The LWBLA are pleased to confirm the launch of a new quarterly series of Policy Updates. The first of this series will be New Government and Skills policy & funding and will be held on Tuesday 9th June 2015 from 1pm to 4pm at the London Councils Offices, Southwark Street, SE1.

The event will be chaired by LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie, and facilitated by Strategic Policy Consultant, Mark Corney. Mark will provide an overview of education, skills and employment policy of the new administration.

This event is suitable for leaders and senior management.

Lunch will be provided prior to the event to give members the opportunity to network.

Please note there will be a fee of £40 per delegate, and places are limited.

If you would like to attend please do confirm your interest via email to me at as soon as possible. If your organisation requires a purchase order number prior to invoice please provide that as soon as possible.

LWBLA Briefing Note: Analysis of the 2014 London Ofsted report & data annex for Independent Learning Providers & Apprenticeship provision.

View Briefing Note


GLA employer-led apprenticeship creation programme

View LWBLA Briefing Note. November 2014.

Traineeships Funding Reform Consultation.

View LWBLA Response. August 2014.

Apprenticeship Funding & Standards Reform Briefing

Download Briefing Note. July 2014

FE London Capital Investment Briefing

Wednesday 16th July 2014

The Government has recently announced through the London Growth deal the availability of capital investment for FE. The London LEP through the GLA will be responsible for the complete process and subsequent contract management.

This note attempts to summarise the key points covered in a consultation event hosted by the London LEP/GLA in advance of an official prospectus to be published in the next 4 weeks. The capital investment fund will be open to all providers based in London approved on the SFA register.

The purpose of the note is to stimulate ideas and advance thinking for any provider who wishes to submit a bid to the fund. It is not to offer guidance on how to bid. These notes were taken by Victor Farlie, Executive Chair LWBLA, who attended the event on the 16th July 2014.

Download Briefing Note

ESIF London Youth Employment Initiative Update - June 2014

LWBLA ESIF Briefing Note 1: ‘Everything You Need To Know In 3 Pages’. LWBLA Executive Chair, Victor Farlie. Download Briefing Note

ESIF Papers

These papers part of a series that provides background information for colleagues taking part in the development of programmes as part of the London Youth Employment Initiative (YEI).

ESF London Clusters

LWBLA response to 'The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Funding Reform Technical Consultation'

Download LWBLA Response. May 2014.

LWBLA Briefing Note: GLA Investigation into Apprenticeships

This briefing note addresses the following questions:

Download Briefing

View Policy Documents

A new policy prospectus for apprenticeships in London. (2012)
This policy prospectus is aimed squarely at one objective: to ensure more Londoners of all ages have the opportunity to succeed as an apprentice. There is a very good story to tell – over the past two years the number of apprentice’s in London has increased substantially across all ages despite the tough economic conditions.
Find out more

LWBLA note to London Councils: European Structural Investment Funds 2014-2020

This documents key points regarding the ESIF 2013-2020 in relation to work based learning. Dec 2013. Download Briefing

Richard Review of Apprenticeship Funding Responses

LWBLA Response to Consultation on Funding Reform for Apprenticeships in England Sep 2013.
Download Document

LWBLA Briefing Note: Responding to Richard Review Consultation on Apprenticeship Funding Sep 2013.
Download Document

Local Government Briefing: Richard Review of Apprenticeship Funding. Sep 1013.
Download Document

LWBLA Working Response to the Government Consultation of the Richard Review May 2013.
Download Document

Richard Review Question & Answer Annex A
Download Document

LWBLA Responses

LWBLA Formal Response to Government proposals to reform vocational qualifications for 16-19 year olds. May 2013.
Download Document

Traineeships: A Response to the Government’s consultation document.
Download Document


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