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Work Based Learning Acronym Buster

The list is intended to assist in helping members demystify the wide range of acronyms used in the training and education sector. If you would like to add to this list then please do email quoting 'Acronym Buster' to

ACE   Apprenticeship Certification England
ACEVO   Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
ACL   Adult & Community Learning
ALL (24+)   Advanced Learning Loans
ALN   Additional Learning Needs
AELP   Association of Employment and Learning Providers
ALS   Additional Learning Support
ALR   Adult Learner Responsive (funding)
AO   Awarding Organisation
AOC   Association of Colleges
AP   Area Prospectus
APL   Accreditation of Prior Learning
APPG   All Party Parliamentary Group
ASCL   Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009
ASL   Adult Safeguarded Learning
ASSC   Alliance of Sector Skills Councils (now FISS)
ATA   Apprenticeship Training Agency
AV   Apprenticeship Vacancies
AWP   Area Wide Prospectus
AWPU   Average Weighted Pupil Unit (school funding)
BSA   Basic Skills Agency
BYB   Backing Young Britain
CAP   Common Application Process
CCP’s Commercial and Charitable Providers
CEIAG   Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance
CEGNET   Careers Education and Guidance Network
CIF   Common Inspection Framework
CPD   Continuing Professional Development
CSR   Comprehensive Spending Review
CTTLS   Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector
DBIS   Department of Business Innovation & Skills
DFE   Department for Education
DLS   Discretionary Learner Support
DTTLS   Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector
DWP   Department for Work & Pensions
EBL   Education Business Links
EBP   Education Business Partnership
EFA   Education Funding Agency
EMA   Education Maintenance Allowance
ER   Employer Responsive (funding)
ERSA   Employer Related Services Association
ESF   European Social Fund
ESOL   English for Speakers of Other Langauges
ETF   Education & Training Foundation (formerly FE Guild)
FAB   Federation of Awarding Bodies
FD   Foundation Degree
FDA   Foundation Degree (Arts)
FDSC   Foundation Degree (Science)
FE   Further Education
FFE   Framework for Excellence
FISS   Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (formerly ASSC)
FJF   Future Jobs Fund
FL   Foundation Learning
FND   Flexible New Deal
FOI   Freedom of Information (Act/Request)
FS   Functional Skills
FSM   Free School Meals
G&T   Gifted and Talented
GFE   General Further Education
GLA   Greater London Authority
GLH   Guided Learning Hours
GTA   Group Training Association
HA   Higher Apprenticeships
HE   Higher Education
HEFCE   Higher Education Funding Council for England
HEI   Higher Education Institution
HLA   Higher Level Apprenticeships
HMPS   Her Majesty's Prison Service
HNC   Higher National Certificate
HND   Higher National Diploma
IA   Information Authority
IAC   Industry Apprentice Council
IAG   Information Advice and Guidance
IEP   Institute of Employability Professionals
IES   Integrated Employment & Skills
IFL   Institute For Learning
ILP   Individual Learning Plan
ILR   Individual Learning Record
ILT   Information & Learning Technology
IQER   Integrated Quality Enhancement Review (HE)
ISA   Independent Safeguarding Authority
ITP   Independent Training Provider
ITT   Invitation to Tender
ITT   Initial Teacher Training
JC+   Jobcentre Plus
JISC   Joint Information Systems Committee
JSA   Job Seekers Allowance
JWT   Job Without Training
KS   Key Stage
LA   Local Authority
LAA   Local Area Agreement
LAC   Looked After Children
LARA   Learning Aim Reference Application
LEA   Local Education Authority
LEP   Local Enterprise Partnership
LGA   Local Government Association
LIG   Learning Innovation Grant
LIS   Learner Information Suite
LLDD   Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities
LLUK   Lifelong Learning UK
LMI   Labour Market Information
LSIS   Learning & Skills Improvement Service
LSN   Learning and Skills Network
LVSC    London Voluntary Sector Council
MCL   Minimum Contract Level
MCV   Maximum Contract Value
MLP   Minimum Levels of Performance
MOAP   Moving On Action Plan
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
NAS   National Apprenticeship Service
NCVO   National Council of Voluntary Organisations
NDAQ   National Database of Accredited Qualifications
NEET   Not In Education Employment or Training
NES   National Employer Service
NIACE   National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education
NMW   National Minimum Wage
NOS   National Occupational Standards
NVQ   National Vocational Qualification
OTL   Observation of Teaching & Learning
OCT   Open Competitive Tendering
OFQUAL   Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation
OFSTED   Office for Standards in Education
ONS   Office of National Statistics
PCT   Primary Care Trust
PFR   Provider Funding Report
PFU   Programmes For The Unemployed
PLA   Programme Led Apprenticeship
PRD   Peer Review & Development
PRU   Pupil Referral Unit
PQQ   Pre
PTTLS   Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
QCF   Qualifications & Credit Framework
QPF   Qualified Provider Framework
QSR   Qualification Success Rates
RAG   Red, Amber, Green (rating)
RAISE   Regional Action and Involvement South East (3rd Sector network)
RITS   Regaulatory IT System (OFQUAL)
RONI   Risk of NEET Indicator
RPA   Raising of the Participation Age
RPG   Regional Planning Group
RPL   Recognition of Prior Learning
RTO   Register of Training Organisations
SASE   Specification of Apprenticeship Standards in England
SEN   Special Educational Needs
SFA   Skills Funding Agency
SFL   Skills For Life
SFLDC   Skills For Life Development Centre
SIG   Special Interest Group
SLC   Student Loans Company
SME   Small or Medium Sized Enterprise
SPB   Strategic Partnership Board
SSA   Sector Skills Agreement
SSC   Sector Skills Council
TEFL   Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TES   Times Educational Supplement
TOR   Terms of Reference
TQS   Training Quality Standard
U3A   University of the 3rd Age
UCAS   Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
UFI   University for Industry
UKCES   UK Commission for Employment & Skills
UKPRN   UK Provider Registration Number
ULN   Unique Learner Number
ULR   Union Learning Representative
UVAC   University Vocational Awards Council
VCS   Voluntary & Community Sector
VET   Vocational Education and Training
VLE   Virtual Learning Environment
WBL   Work Based Learning
WRL   Work Related Learning
WTW   Welfare to Work
X, Y, Z
YA   Young Apprenticeship
YPLA   Young People's Learning Agency (now EFA)
YOT   Youth Offending Team


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