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As part of the LSIS Regional Response Legacy Fund you can view the following workshops as webinars, facilitated by Jane Knight from Jane Knight Training & Consultancy Services

A Basic Guide to Apprenticeships

Introducing Apprenticeship rules & paperwork to new and existing staff can be daunting and take up valuable time. In this half day workshop, Trainers, Assessors & Administrative staff will learn the basics of Apprenticeships within a provider or college setting.

Covering the learner journey, SASE, NAS Quality Statement and the impact of accurate paperwork, staff will have a better understanding of the learner experience and funding requirements.

Basic Guide to Apprenticeships Part 1 from LWBLA on Vimeo.


Basic guide to Apprenticeships part 2 from LWBLA on Vimeo.

We’d like to thank the LWBLA members who were delegates in the above webinars, and Paul Press and his team from Offshoot Films

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LWBLA Briefing

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Apprentice Stories

Learner & Employer View of Apprenticeships

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